Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Painting in the rain at Union Station Portland November 21, 2017

Painting in the rain at Union Station Portland Oregon, November 21, 2017. Paul Lockhart and Kara Wilde were painting there also. We were painting outside (en plein aire) but under the cover of the Union Station.
View from Union Station

Overpass too wet to paint from

Paul and Kara and their works

Kara's water colors

Paul's oil pastel

Brooks' watercolor

Brooks and w/c sketch

Painting Tilikum Crossing from CLSB November 16, 2017

Painting in the rain from the Collaborative Life Sciences Building at Portland State. Rain and wind and cold...oh my. Kara Wild and John Lehman painted outside with me, and Paul Lockhart painted inside with the PSU students. Good call Paul.
John and Kara


John Lehman

Paul inside

Paul's characatures

Brooks' bridge

Kara's bridge

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Plein air indoors at Pine Street Market November 14, 2017

Painting people at Pine Street Market today, November 14, 2017, with Kara Wilde, John Lehman, and Paul Lockhart. Blustery wind outside, but nice a comfortable inside the Market. 
John and Paul

Kara and John and Paul

The "Best Wurst" in town.

Everyone drawing and painting.

Brooks' painting 

Paul's people...nice job.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Paint trains at Oregon Rail Heritage Center November 9, 2017

Plein aire painting indoors at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center with Paul Lockhart, Kara Wilde, and John Lehman. Sure good to be indoors today. The weather was wet and cold outside. 
Brooks painting OR and N 197 engine.
Kara and Nickel Plate Road 190

John and PN and R 197

Paul and Nickel Plate Road 190

The real Nickel Plate Road 190

Paul's oil pastel of Nickel Plate Road 190

Brooks and OR and N 197

Oregon Railroad and Navigation 197 by Brooks