Sunday, September 25, 2016

Veritable Quandary 3 paintout September 13, 2016

Veritable Quandary is closing the end of September, 2016. This is the last in a series of painting of VQ. John Lehman, Kara Wilde, and Paul Lockhart were also painting VQ on this Tuesday afternoon. Note the sunlight in the video destroys the background for a while. The bright sun makes the shade so dark that you cannot see beyond the painting. Then the clouds return and you can see much better. The clouds have the same affect on my eyes. I love the clouds.

Kara Wilde starting her oil painting.

Paul Lockhart with his oil pastel.

Paul's oil pastel of VQ.

Brooks' acrylic painting of VQ patio.

John Lehman with his watercolor of the VQ patio.

Paint Veritable Quandary September 6, 2016

Veritable Quandary will be closing the end of September 2016. We will miss them all. Fortunately the entire staff is moving to Restaurant Q that is opening in November 2016. Here is a video of my painting the customers queued up to enter VQ as the open at 11:30am. John Lehman was also out here painting. The weather tried to rain, but never quiet got there.

VQ Customers waiting for opening.

John Lehman painting the VQ patio.

VQ patio before the customers arrive.

John Lehman drawing VQ patio.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Veritable Quandary paint-out August 30, 2016

Veritable Quandary Restaurant in Portland Oregon will be closing at the end of September 2016. VQ is a friendly restaurant and very good food. To remember VQ I am plein air painting the VQ building. The plans are to replace this building with a county courthouse. Thanks VQ for the good meals. Here is a video of my painting VQ. 

Kara Wilde and John Lehman also painted VQ Tuesday, August 30, 2016.
Kara Wilde painting VQ from across 1st. street.

John Lehman painting VQ from very close.

VQ image from across 1st Street.

Brooks' painting of VQ

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kids at Wednesday Market August 24, 2016

Kids come to Wednesday market every week. Here are a few 3-4 year old kids visiting the Wednesday Farmer's Market in Shemanski Square Portland Oregon. They always stop and ask what I am painting, and they never hold still. They are terrible models.
Kids at Wednesday Market