Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Painting Ground Works at Wednesday Market August 2, 2017

Painting Ground Works booth at Wednesday Market Portland Oregon, August 2, 2017. John Lehman and Kara Wilde also painted the market today. 
John Lehman 

Kara Wilde

Ground Works painting and booth.

"Ground Works" by brooks

Painting Peninsula Park Rose Garden Portland Oregon August 1, 2017

Painting the rose at Peninsula Park Portland Oregon, August 1, 2017. John Lehman and Kara Wilde helped me paint the roses on Tuesday. 
John Lehman working on a half sheet watercolor.

Kara Wilde painting the fountain.

Brooks Hickerson with paints

Kara's fountain - Painting in progress.

Brooks' fountain and gazebo

Painting Ira Keller Fountain July 27, 2017

Plein air painting Ira Keller Fountain in Portland Oregon July 27, 2017. John Lehman, Kara Wilde and Humberto Gonzalez also painted the fountain this Thursday.
Humberto Gonzalez paint the falls.

Keller Fountain Portland Oregon

Kara and Humberto 

John Lehman painting in the falls.

Brooks' painting

Kara painting the falls

Humberto's painting in progress.

Painting Wednesday Market July 26, 2017

Painting Baird's peaches at Wednesday Market July 26, 2017. Kara Wilde and John Lehman are painting market people also.
Kara painting people

Brooks painting people

Brooks' painting

Market View