Monday, August 2, 2010

July Paintings by Brooks Hickerson

Tanner Creek Park in Portland. The Lexis building is in the background.

Portland City Hall while the lighting and sound crew setup for an evening of music.

Simon Benson House at Portland State University campus.

Bridge in back of Humberto Gonzalez' and Yolanda Valdez' place in Beaverton Oregon.

Hawthorne Bridge lit up for its 100th birthday.

US Custom House on NorthWest 8th Ave. Portland - For Sale - July 2010

Wednesday Market on South Park blocks Portland July 2010.

Simon Benson House on Portland State University campus.

Market Music at Hillsboro Oregon Saturday Market. Great banjo music to paint by.

Johnson Creek in East Portland complete with two waders.

Carriage House on SW Broadway, Portland Oregon. The Ladd Tower is in the background.

Blues Fest on the Portland Waterfront - July 2010. - the boaters have good seats.

Abe Lincoln in the South Park Blocks Portland Oregon. He always draws a crowd.

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