Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Paintings of Portland by Brooks Hickerson

Portland Oregon had a warm sunny fall that was full of good plein air painting days. Here are a few paintings from fall of 2010 in Portland.

Reflections in 200 Market St. glass building. (Acrylic 22x15 in)

Dorothy Frear visited us in Portland. So we painted trees in the South Park Blocks. (gauche 15x11 in).

Humberto Gonzalez, Yolanda Valdes and I painted one day at Nancy's place in the country. This is Nancy's studio and barn. (acrylic 15x22 in)

Here is Yolanda in action painting Nancy's studio.

Peninsula Park fountain in Portland. (acrylic 15x22in)

Steel Bridge in a sunny September afternoon. This is one of Portland's train bridges. There are two trains in this painting. (acrylic 15x22)

Morrison bridge on a sunny October afternoon. Portlanders turn out along the river when the sun shines. (acrylic 15x22)

The "Safari Explorer" National Geographic ship visited Portland in October. Thank you Safari for posing for me. (acrylic 15x22)

Steel Bridge in October 2010. The light turns cooler in October. Notice the difference from the previous September image. (acrylic 15x22)

Hoyt Arboretum trees are just starting to turn in October 2010. (acrylic 22x15)

November arrives with full color contact. This South Park Blocks scene is SW Park Ave. and Columbia Street. (acrylic 22x15)

Here is the Great Hall Restaurant on SW Broadway Portland, however the tree steals the show. (acrylic 15x22)

Hoyt Arboretum gets serious color in November 2010. (acrylic 15x22)

The fog also arrives in November to Hoyt Arboretum. (acrylic 15x22)

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  1. what a wonderful collection of beautiful work. I love the joyful energy that they all have!