Thursday, April 13, 2017

Painting the Rose Test Garden (sans roses) April 13, 2017

Painting the blooming trees in the Rose Test Garden in Portland Oregon, April 13. Kara Wilde, John Lehman, and Paul Lockhart joined me today painting the trees at the Rose Test Garden. It was cold and wet and we are 2 months from having any blooms on the roses. The Rose Garden looks like a construction zone with most of the walkways and stairs being replaced with ADA standard ramps...Yea..I have appoligized to people in wheel chair for not having ramps in our Rose Garden. I won't have to do that again. 
Here I am painting the trees white and the rose bushes red.

Brooks painting the blooming trees at the rose garden.

Paul Lockhart with oil pastel.

Paul's oil pastel for the white trees.

Kara, Paul, and John in a moment of sunshine.

Kara's white trees oil painting.

John and his watercolors.

John's watercolors in progress. 

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