Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Painting in the rain at OHSU January 23rd, 2018

Painting in the rain today, January 23rd 2018, with Paul Lockhart and John Lehman. Very wet outside so John and I painted from the 11th floor (inside) and Paul painted outside while standing under a little cover.  John and I worked on the view from the window of downtown Portland, and Paul painted one of the Zidell cranes outside. Zidell has shipped its last barge so the crane may be gone within the year. Here is the Zidell Yards master plan and it includes one of the cranes. http://www.sasaki.com/project/425/zidell-yards-master-plan/. So the demise of the cranes may be exaggerated 
Paul and Zidell Crane

Brooks and Portland Skyline

Paul's "Zidell Crane"

John Lehman at OHSU 11th floor.

Brooks' "Portland Skyline"

Portland skyline in the rain

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