Saturday, June 26, 2010

More June 2010 Plein Air Painings in Portland Oregon

Painting at Waterfront Pearl with Humberto Gonzalez and Yolanda Valdes. We painted the Albeer's Mill Building.

Albeer's Mill and Freemont Bridge by Brooks Hickerson.

Another Albeer's Mill by Brooks Hickerson.

Albeer's bridge with Humberto and Yolanda in the foreground by Brooks Hickerson.

Broadway Bridge by Brooks Hickerson. This is one of Portland's working bridges. It opens in the middle to let barges, tugs, and ships through.

George Roger's Park in Lake Oswego Oregon. It was raining the day I painted the Willamette River from George Roger's park. The river is up 20 feet or so from the rains and snow melt. The water bound bush in the foreground is actually a small tree.

This is Hendricks Park in Eugene Oregon. The last Rhody is blooming.

Flower Festival plants surround "Hold on" statue in Pioneer Courthouse Square Portland.

"Pan Bright" grain ship is being filled at Portland port. It's destination is unknown to me.

The extinct bird statues are installed in the Tom Mccall Park Portland. They will be here untill December 2010.

Same statues in black and white. I used a sumi ink stick for the black on this 1/2 sheet of watercolor paper (hot press).

Another view of the birds.

Humberto Gonzalez at the Waterfront Pearl.

Yolanda Valdes at the Waterfront Pearl.

Ira Keller fountain June 26, 2010. A wedding party was taking pictures with all the sun bathers and water waders.


  1. Great stuff, however, the statue in Pioneer Courthouse Square is called "Allow Me"

  2. Humberto Gonzalez was my art instructor and a great inspiration. Along with seeing his beautiful paintings here, its wonderful to find this photo of him outdoors making art as always.

    Roger Belveal