Saturday, July 2, 2011

Portland Art Museum Cars in the Park

Portland Art Museum "Cars in the Park" is their idea of "folk art".
Every Saturday this summer there will be "classic" cars in the park in front of the PAM.

66 Mustang - like the 67 Mustang that Peggie and I owned in 1967.

55 Chevy...I owned a 57 Chevy also.

1960 300SL Mercedes...I never owned one of these...I wish I had.

39 Ford Sedan...I never owned one of these either.

This is your classic Ford Pickup from before WW II. It is a beauty.

This is Gary Gaines' 1997 July 3rd is Muscle Car day.

Skip and Joan's Morgan Super 8 Roadster ...another nice car I never owned.

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