Monday, August 22, 2011

Painting Cast Iron Buildings of Portland

Over the next few months I am going to paint the portraits of each cast iron building in Portland Oregon. Each week I will add pictures of the iron buildings as I paint them. They were all built between 1857 and 1889.

George Franz Building (1878) 124 SW Yamhill is a good place to start. The Franz Building is across from the Yamhill MAX Stop, and is home to a Yoga center.

Around the corner is the Poppleton Bldg. (1867) 808-816 SW First. There are two more iron buildings on either side of the Poppleton, the Pearne Bldg. (1865) on the left and the Harker Bldg. (1880) on the right. I will paint these two buildings then the trees in the area drop a few leaves so I can get a better view.

Van Rensseler Bldg. (1878) 65 SW Yamhill is in the next block corner of SW First and SW Yamhill. Paddy's on the first floor wit h outside tables. There are two more iron building next door, Love Bldg. (1878) and Harker Bldg. (1878), that I will also paint after the trees drop some leaves this fall. Note that there are two Harker Buildings a block apart. One build in 1878 and the other in 1880.

Four blocks north on SW 2nd and SW Stark is the Bishop's House (1879) 219 SW Stark is across from Mothers Bistro.

Henry Failing Bldg. (1881) at the corner of SW Oak and SW First (235 SW First) complete with window washers.

Dielschneider Bldg. (1859) 71 SW Oak is one of the oldest buildings in Portland.

Fechheimer & White Building (1885) at 223 SW Front (Naito) Ave.

New Market Building - South Wing (1871) at 75-83 SW First Avenue.


  1. what a fantastic project, Brooks! I love these two! How many cast iron buildings are there in Portland?

  2. I counted 27 Iron buildings in downtown Portland.