Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Painting Super Dorothy Perkins Climber Rose at Rose Test Garden Portland Oregon June 21, 2016

History of  the Dorothy Perkins Rose from Wikipedia:"In 1882, Charles (Perkins) became fascinated with rose propagation. In 1884, he hired Alvin Miller as foreman of his newly evolving rose business. Miller, a hybridizer, was directed to develop a special rose new to the rose market. His first success, introduced in 1901, was the 'Dorothy Perkins' rose, named for Charles Perkins' granddaughter (later: Dorothy Estabrook). In 1908, this rose won top honors at the Royal National Rose Society. It also started a long tradition of naming roses for people. This rose has been mentioned by several authors in their works including F.S. Fitzgerald. Jackson & Perkins stopped marketing the original Dorothy Perkins rose because the plant was prone to mildew and disease. It is still available from specialty nurseries. To this day the Dorothy Perkins climbing rose adorns the walls of Windsor Castle."
Here is a video of my painting the Dorothy Perkins climbing rose.

Several other painters joined me in the Rose Garden today. Peggie Moje, Nancy Zhang, Kristina Sellers, and John Bauguess. 
Peggie Moje and her beautiful painting.

Nancy Zang and her lovely painting.

Kristina Sellers and her striking painting.

"Desmond Tutu" rose painted by Peggie Moje.

"Dorothy Perkins Climber" painted by Brooks

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